Danish State Visit to Ghana


23 - 25 November 2017

Food & Agriculture

The food and agriculture sector activities will relate to different aspects of the value chain where Danish companies are frontrunners. The focus will be on food and food technology, agricultural technology and processing, food ingredients, and aquaculture.

Introducing Danish Products to the Ghanaian Market

The demand in Ghana for imported food products is considerable. Limited national production of basic goods such as dairy products, soft drinks, and fish products provide export opportunities for Danish companies. Furthermore, the growing middle class continues to demand processed food products, and market possibilities are thus significant for both Danish exporters as well as manufacturing companies ready to establish their factories in new markets.

Appetite for Danish Technology

Ghana has extensive uncultivated but fertile land and the Government has expressed its desire to modernize the agricultural sector. This opens great opportunities for export of Danish technology and knowhow to the agriculture and food processing sector. The export of machinery and technology already at this point constitutes the largest share of Danish export to Ghana and is steadily increasing. The exported goods comprise both high-tech products such as pumps and thermostats for increased energy efficiency as well as basic and robust agricultural equipment for farming activities. Across the different segments of the food and agriculture sector, Danish businesses will find interesting opportunities.