Danish State Visit to Ghana


23 - 25 November 2017

Maritime, Infrastructure and Railways

The maritime, infrastructure and railways sector activities will primarily focus on the potential for Danish companies and investors within shipping, infrastructure, railway and port development, maritime equipment, maritime security, and off-shore.

The Key to Ghana’s Continued Economic Development

About 90 percent of Ghana’s – and West Africa’s – international trade is transported by ship, and the continued growth of the economy depends on access to reliable, competitive quality shipping. Besides the development within international trade, Ghana has recently begun developing its potential as an oil-producing country, and Danish businesses are already engaged in the off-shore sector. Over the coming years Ghana’s economy is expected to produce strong growth at stable levels around 7-8%. In this development an efficient and well-functioning maritime sector will be crucial to fully unleashing the potential.

Investment and Growth opportunities for Danish Businesses

Africa is an exciting destination for Danish Maritime competences. A large proportion of Ghana’s goods are already transported on Danish-controlled vessels but there is potential for much more Danish involvement. Looking to the future the prospects for growth and investments in the sector appear most promising. Large-scale expansions of the main ports are already being developed and additional infrastructure projects including railways are in the pipeline. The off-shore oil industry is expected to develop further over the coming years, and there is a beginning interest in Danish maritime technology.